09 August 2023 Press releases

Enkelfähig Summit marks dawn of a new era of entrepreneurship

Duisburg, August 9, 2023. On September 7 and 8, the Enkelfähig Summit will take place for the first time on the Haniel campus. The highlight meeting for top executives and decision-makers in business marks the launch of a new entrepreneurial initiative: the Enkelfähig movement. Its goal is to bring together leading family businesses and innovative founders to jointly shape an economy that ensures a future worth living.

What contribution does the economy make to the well-being of future generations? Is our definition of growth still up to date? And what can entrepreneurs do now to operate in a value-oriented way that takes account of the economy, ecology and social responsibility? These are the questions that the members of the Enkelfähig movement are asking themselves.

Enkelfähig – a movement for forward-thinking companies

"Enkelfähig offers a lively network of like-minded entrepreneurs who, with courage and optimism, together awaken potential and identify areas of growth for an economy that also serves future generations," says Haniel CEO Thomas Schmidt. "Everyone who wants to position their company for continuous progress in a future worth living is welcome to join." A wide variety of players in the German business community are rallying behind the forward-thinking movement. In addition to Haniel, current supporters include communications service provider Publicis Groupe, start-up incubator Anthropia, IT services company Arineo, family business Reckhaus, auditing firm PwC and HR consultancy Board Partners.

Highlight meeting for entrepreneurship in the 21st century

At the Enkelfähig Summit, entrepreneurs, investors and start-up founders will have the opportunity to discuss potentials and impulses for a new economy in the sense of Enkelfähig. Ideas from practice will be given by top-class speakers such as Dr. Eckhart von Hirschhausen (doctor and business journalist), Julia Ledermann (Chairman of the Advisory Board of edding AG), Anders Indset (author and founder of Njordis), Moritz Ritter (Managing Director of R² Holding GmbH & Co KG) and Maja Göpel (transformation researcher) in various formats such as keynotes, solution talks and experience talks. "The focus at Enkelfähig is on community and dialogue," explains Thomas Schmidt. "We create a safe space in which decision-makers in business inspire and empower each other and thus together redefine entrepreneurship for the 21st century."

About the Enkelfähig Movement

The Enkelfähig Movement is an initiative of like-minded entrepreneurs and companies that combines entrepreneurship with ecological and social responsibility. The principle of the initiative is to work together for a sustainable, socially just and economically forward-looking world that makes it livable for future generations. Participating companies are offered impulses, orientation and a network with which they can bring together profitability and values and initiate the corresponding transformation.

About the Enkelfähig Summit

The Enkelfähig Summit 2023 is an exclusive highlight meeting for C-level innovators and companies on their way to an Enkelfähig future. On September 7 and 8, at the Haniel Enkelfähig Campus, top decision-makers, shareholders, investors and startups will have the opportunity to explore new opportunities, forge collaborations and transform the future of business - towards a performance-driven economy united by environmental and social responsibility.

Under the umbrella of the Summit, the Anthropia Festival will take place in parallel on the Enkelfähig Campus, bringing together impact startups, investors and professionals from the Next Business Generations as a "Festival for Future Makers". Both events pursue the common goal of highlighting entrepreneurial opportunities of current economic and social challenges and to jointly develop solutions and potentials under consideration of climate change, resource scarcity and biodiversity.

Ticket information: Ticket information: Tickets are available from €399 on the homepage of the Enkelfähig Summit: https://enkelfaehig-summit.de