Haniel Growth Capital

Early-stage investments in planet-focused growth companies

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Who we are

Business models with impact

As a thematic growth investor we support the most ambitious clean tech entrepreneurs.

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Why we do it

Our planet is at a turning point

Let's tackle climate change, water scarcity, and food supply together and build a circular economy that serves all generations.

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How we do it

Building sustainable business models for a future worth living

To be "enkelfähig" means to be serious about sustainability and outperformance.

Reputation and credibility

Haniel to become the leading purpose-driven investor in Europe


Investor with many of the most relevant funds globally and deeply rooted in corporate Germany


If we like the purpose we will support many ways to get there

Commitment and patience

“Evergreen” structure allows for patient capital independent of quarterly reports

Customer Access

As part of the Haniel group of companies

What we are looking for

Our invest criteria

Clean tech

Serious about sustainability, flexible on business model


Series A/B

Recurring revenues


Focus on DACH, Benelux and Nordics

Opportunistic beyond these


Deploying above €5m initially

Ability for significant follow-ons (max €20m)


Investor consortium

Always teaming up with leading investors



million Euro available capital


direct investments


fund investments

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„As a thematic growth investor we are serious about sustainability while flexible on business models.“

Philipp Göhre, Lead Growth Capital

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„We focus on the most ambitious clean tech start-ups seeking their Series A or B.“

Philipp Krüger, Investment Manager Growth Capital

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„Being enkelfähig to Haniel means putting equal weight on sustainability and outperformance.“

Axel Berger, Head of Sustainability

„By teaming up with leading investors, we help to build the future stars in cleantech.“

Alexander Branding, Investment Manager


Direct investments

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1KOMMA5° is a bottom-up aggregator for decentralized energy systems which acts as a one-stop-shop of carbon-saving energy solutions for electricity, heating and mobility in residential and small commercial buildings.

Aerones provides robot-enabled wind turbine maintenance and inspection services that increase the efficiency of wind turbine blades and towers, reduce operating costs, and promote smart, predictive maintenance.

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Infarm combines highly efficient “vertical farming” with IoT technologies and machine learning to offer an alternative food system that is resilient, local, transparent and affordable.

GREENZERO Group supports organisations and institutions along their transformation journey towards sustainability.
The objective is environmental neutrality, as this is the holistic answer to relevant environmental problems.

Wandelbots is a technology platform for no-code robotics that enables non-programmers to train industrial robots.

Happybrush develops advanced sustainable oral care products, made from renewable raw materials and free from microplastics.

Sdui is an education start-up providing intuitive platforms dedicated to the digitization of schools.

Amboss is the leading online encyclopedia and knowledge transfer platform for doctors, healthcare employees and medical students.


Philipp Göhre

Partner Growth Capital

Philipp Krüger

Senior Manager Growth Capital

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Alexander Branding

Manager Growth Capital