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The Academy is here as a learning partner to help individuals, teams and organizations to learn and develop new ways of thinking and leading in the 21st century.

enkelfähig Academy

The enkelfähig Academy is a beacon of our diverse, entrepreneurial and performance-orientated culture. As an enabler of our culture the Academy provides a learning environment where employees from all of our portfolio companies can develop and grow. Our offer is divided in three central building blocks that form the basis of our cultural development: Starting with foundational programs developed to help leaders and individuals learn behaviours that build a trusting and safe place to share their thoughts and ideas without recourse. Where equality means that every opinion is valued without bias, conscious or otherwise, and feedback and coaching is provided with the intention of making us better. These programs will additionally be available as a train the trainer program allowing for local delivery and adaption to local languages etc.


Two further building blocks – the Haniel Operating Way and Functional Programs – will provide a common set of guard-rails for all to use in our pursuit of out-performance by doing good, creating cross-company development opportunities. At the summit is leadership development, the enkelfähig Academy is the only place for leadership development within the Haniel organization. These programs will be co-facilitated by leaders from within the organisation to build relevance and experience from Haniel into the learning and shape this proud home for bold entrepreneurs.


Our offering

Audience: Leaders & Individuals
Format:Virtual, 1 Day
Cost:€ 300.00
Registration: Open for Portfolio Companies
Audience: Leaders & Individuals
Format:Virtual, 1 Day
Cost:€ 300.00
Registration: Open for Portfolio Companies
Audience: New Entries
Format:Virtual, 5 x 1/2 Day
Cost: N/A
Registration: Nomination Portfolio Companies HR
Audience: Leaders & Individuals
Format:Virtual, 8 x 2 Hours
Registration: Nomination Portfolio Companies Lean
Audience: Individuals
Format:Onsite, 3 Days
Cost:€ 1,200.00
Registration: Open for Portfolio Companies
Audience: Leaders
Format:Virtual & Onside, 5 Days
Cost:€ 2,500.00
Registration: Nomination Portfolio Companies HR
Sustainability course

The Sustainability Course is a video-based online course on environmental sustainability with focus on climate change, biodiversity and circularity with more than 15 experts from science, politics and business as well as the Haniel Group. Everyone within the Haniel Group can join the course for free. Simply register by following the button below!

How to participate

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For now, there are three programs in the open enrollment: "Leading at the Speed of Trust", "Unconscious Bias" and "Shape your own Growth Path". To register, hit the button!


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Are you interested in co-facilitating a training with us? Or are you even up for becoming a facilitator and running some of the trainings yourself? Fill out the short form and let us know!


The HOW2 Podcast

With starting the enkelfähig Academy we were looking for an opportunity to communicate with a lot of people, while also extending our Academy to have more time and space for learning. This is where the HOW2 Podcast was born. In the podcast, the two of us – Daniel & Matt – interview people from inside and outside the Haniel Group to learn and explore more about the Haniel Operating Way (HOW), our shared operating system. Have a listen in and subscribe if you don't want to miss a new episode!



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