Enkelfähig Academy

Welcome to the Enkelfähig Academy - a place for learning and personal growth, available to all employees within the Haniel Group. On this website you can get an overview as well as access to a variety of learning opportunities. You can directly jump to one of our three sections or take a stroll through the website. We look forward to getting in touch with you either way!

Academy on Tour

Are you looking for individual support in your organization, function or team? We are here to help. With the 'Academy on Tour' we come to you, and help to identify problems and providing solutions specific to your needs. This could mean we make a training locally available for your target audience or we might develop a completely new training - let's get in touch!

Training Programs

Are you looking for the next development opportunity or simply want to figure out what offerings the Academy provides to you? We have an open training offering. You can register right away. Next to the open training we provide leadership development journeys. Whilst participants will be nominated through each Portfolio Company, you might want to check out what's hidden behind "The Nature" or "The Evolution of Leadership".

Continuous Learning

Are you looking for regular learning that you can embed into your daily routines or you just want to stay up-to-date with the Enkelfähig Academy? We'll provide continuous learning through three channels. You can follow us on our HOW2 podcast, subscribe to the fortnightly learning newsletter or join our monthly virtual learning series of Tidal Learning.

Academy on Tour

The concept of the Academy on Tour is to bring the best of what the academy has in learning to your specific business problem. Together we can customize a solution that meets the needs of your team or group, whether that’s an intact team or all the operations people in your division. The solution can be delivered virtually or face to face by you or by one of our facilitators. We can even provide a train the trainer solution if you would like to make it part of your culture or overcome language differences when cascading into many locations. Our process and areas of support follow a simple structure.


Find support for your initiatives

Driving performance and targeting your desired outcomes


It's not about doing something right, but about doing the right things. Figuring out what's the right thing or the right problem to tackle is not always easy. With your assistance we will help you with diagnosing your specific situation and needs. We therefore bring different methodologies, from running simple conversations with key stakeholders over involving individual or team 360°s or considering our experience as well as benchmark data.

Customization & Design

Together we will design the solution to fit the need and the time or resources available. Customization can be as simple as making an existing format available tailored to your target audience and providing time and space for your key messages to unfold. Or we develop new content that is significant for your team and business. We always start from the desired outcomes to shape the right way of delivery. Whether this is a scalable virtual product consisting of multiple elements or we design a personal experience, where we create a physical space that allows participants to get out of their day-to-day environment - think without limitations.

Delivery & Implementation

With designing the right solution we will also discuss the right way of delivery and implementation. Do you want us to take-over the delivery? Are we co-facilitating to get the most out of our facilitation expertise together with your internal knowledge? Or do you want to own the execution completly? In order to create sustainable impact we strive to embed our solutions as seamlessness as possible into your internal processes to encourage application and adoptions amongst the target audience.

Coaching & Team Development

Often we get enquiries to join offsites or team development sessions to facilitate team building or provide additional content to enrich the overall experience. We can support that on a one-off basis or shape a structured team development process to help the team bond and improve performance over time. Coaching is often an element that we use within our learning solutions to provide support on an individual level to support through bringing clarity, through challenging or steering future development.


Especially when working with organizations or functions, we like to leverage our solutions through a structured Train-the-Trainer approach. This not only enables clients to cascade solutions internally without external support, but also enables selected people in the organization to become mutlipliers or ambassadors. Teaching is the ultimate stage of learning, as you need to be able to not only understand but also translate knowledge and tools to your audience. So a Train-the-Trainer approach helps to ensure sustainability and support of change initiatives.

Training Programs

Our training programs are a core pillar of our overall offering towards employees within the Haniel Group. We are offering both - training for leaders as well as for individual contributors across various topics. All Open Programs will take place on the Haniel Campus in our Haniel Academy and are a great opportunity to network and exchange with like-minded people from the Haniel Group. Academy facilitators will lead you through the training programs supported through functional and business leaders, depending on the program theme. Please note, that we can customize all Open Trainings to your needs on request. If you click on each of the programs below, you will find more information and the scheduled dates for the first half of 2024.

Leadership Development Programs

Beyond our drive to accelerate personal and business impact through learning, our aim is to influence and support the cultural transformation within all Haniel Portfolio Companies. And one essential pillar for this cultural shift is leadership development. Therefore, we offer a state-of-the-art leadership curriculum, meeting leaders with different experiences levels - from first-time leaders over middle leaders to the very senior leaders within the organization. Participants will be nominated by the HR teams of every Portfolio Company by the beginning and half-way through the year. If you are interested to participate, please get in touch with your leader or you HR department.

Customized Programs

All content from the above mentioned programs can as well be brought to you in a customized way. Whether you want to run things virtually or face-to-face, change the duration or enable internal employees to facilitate. Everything can be customized. On top of the Open Programs and our Leadership Development Programs, here you find a selection of themes that we don't offer as a standard, but we can support you with individually. Just get in touch with us!

Continuous Learning

Make learning a habit

Your Academy Subscription

So much of what we learn does not come from classroom training or formal learning. Most of the learning comes from applying and trying out new things in our everyday life. But how much time do you make available for new things between everything else that happens? Because we know that learning happens outside the training room and that everyone has preferences in how to learn, we want to offer you support through different channels and provide you with your regular dose of learning. All you need is one subscription and you not only receive news from us but also bite-sized content stimulating learning and personal development. This will be brought to you through a monthly webinar series, your new favorite podcast (you did not know you need) and a fortnightly newsletter. Become part of a community of learners!

Monthly virtual learning series

Tidal Learning

Like the rise and fall of the tide, we will discover various topics focusing on personal development in regular waves. Tidal Learning is available free for everyone within the Haniel Group. Subscribe and you will receive a series of calendar invites throughout 2024. Want to know more about the topics or the format?

Bi-weekly newsletter

Fortnightly Academy Digest

Every fortnight we send out a newsletter curated from a member of the Enkelfähig Academy with fresh insights and learning. As part of your Academy subscription you will get every e-mail right in your inbox.

The HOW2 Podcast

With starting the Enkelfähig Academy we were looking for an opportunity to communicate with a lot of people, while also extending our Academy to have more time and space for learning. This is where the HOW2 Podcast was born. In the podcast, the two of us – Daniel & Matt – explore different topics between us and together with people from inside and outside the Haniel Group. Have a listen and subscribe on Spotify or Apple Music if you don't want to miss a new episode!


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