Doing what's right

We believe that performing with compliance and integrity is the foundation for sustainable business models that create value for generations. Enkelfähig also means that we make decisions that are fair and ethical, reflecting our values and core behaviors.

Since our foundation, the key factors for Haniel’s success have been a high degree of creative energy, the willingness to take entrepreneurial risks and doing things differently. What anchors and guides us at all times are the Haniel values – they define who we are and ensure that we protect and preserve our most valuable asset: our reputation as a fair and trusted employer, business partner and community member.

At the center of these values is our deep commitment to integrity and ethical conduct.


Code of Ethics

Integrity does not just mean complying with the law – that is a given. It also means “doing what’s right” by following some simple ethical principles so we can make good decisions. The Haniel Code of Ethics describes the standard against which we want to be measured.


Business Partner Code of Ethics

Sustainable and responsible action, social responsibility towards our own company, customers and suppliers, the environment and society is something we also demand from our business partners. Our minimum standards can be found in the Haniel Business Partner Code of Ethics.


We want to live up to our social responsibility and strike a balance between tradition and innovation. Compliance with human rights due diligence obligations is an essential prerequisite for this sustainable value creation. We have expressed our commitment to this in this policy statement.

Report a concern

Access to the SpeakUp platform

If you become aware of a violation of laws or the principles of the Haniel Code of Ethics, you can inform us of your concern. This also applies in the case of (possible) human rights violations.

The SpeakUp portal, our electronic, multilingual whistleblower system is available to all external parties. Everything you need to know can be found in our Rules of procedure for reporting persons and FAQs. Information about privacy can be found here.

Any incoming information will be carefully examined and processed by Haniel Compliance. Haniel is committed to maintain confidentiality and protects those raising a concern against retaliation.

For Haniel employees

As a Haniel employee, you can turn to several contact persons at any time if you are unsure about the right course of action or wish to report an issue.

A detailed overview of all (also anonymous) reporting options is available on the Haniel intranet, including contact and access information.