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Robotics start-up revolutionizes wind power maintenance

Why climb to lofty heights when robotic systems can do the same job faster, more thoroughly and more safely? Starting from this question, the founding team of Latvian start-up Aerones has developed an…

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From strategy to personal motivation: Five "Enkelfähig Believers" in a single podcast episode

In the season finale of the "all about enkelfähig" podcast, you will meet five colleagues from the Haniel Group who are committed to a more sustainable economy: Luca Costa (CWS), Julia Wautmann…

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Mission Cleantech – how 1KOMMA5° and Aerones want to accelerate the energy transition

For a promising idea to grow into a thriving business, it takes two things above all: the right team – and partners who support young companies along the way. When the cleantech start-ups 1KOMMA5° and…

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Bright minds, sustainable solutions: We'll take you with us on our journey to becoming enkelfähig – and are going beyond company walls.


When climate action becomes profitable - then it's Enkelfähig

“Let’s make this reality, not just another slide deck.” With this promise to each other Maren Otte and Luca Costa started working on CWS’s climate action plan. Their goal: Produce a roadmap that would…

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Getting better together every day: This is why CWS relies on Daily Performance Management

The team at the CWS Workwear laundry in Wiesbaden demonstrates how Daily Performance Management can improve the performance of a company. Because all employees actively shape cooperation, processes…

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Standing out with enkelfähig solutions

The future belongs to enkelfähig companies. At Haniel, we are convinced of this. Already today we are setting the course for a successful transformation towards business models that are successful…

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