Our principles

For a future worth living

Our picture of a future worth living is based on sustainable value creation, which is in harmony with the protection of the environment and serves the well-being of all species. In this world we live up to our social responsibility and create a balance between tradition and innovation.
That makes us enkelfähig.

Sustainable value creation:

Principle 1:         enkelfähig - We must create value for generations. We support sustainably successful business models that also guarantee sustainable success independently.
Principle 2:         For us, the circular economy is the basis for sustainable economic activity with optimised use of resources, so that it does not happen at the expense of our future.  

Environmental protection: 

Principle 3:         We must stop and reverse climate change.
Principle 4:         We protect biodiversity.

Well-being and education: 

Principle 5:         The promotion of health and education as well as access for all is our goal.
Principle 6:         We strive for sustainable care and adequate housing for all.

Social responsibility:

Principle 7:         We stand for equality and diversity. We show mutual respect and respect human rights as a matter of course. 
Principle 8:         We create fair working conditions that reward performance appropriately.
Principle 9:         We will work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. 

Balance between innovation & tradition:

Principle 10:       We see technologies as a solution on the way to a future worth living.