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CR reports

Transparent communication

The Holding Company provides information regularly and transparently about progress in CR activities. The first CR report entitled "Wertepapier" (Securities) was published in April 2014. A report is published every two years in accordance with the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Haniel also reports every year in the Annual Report on progress in the CR programmes of the Holding Company and the divisions

CR report 2018

CR report 2017

CR report 2016

CR report 2015

CR report 2014

CR report 2013

Non-financial statement

Based on the European Union's CSR Directive and the corresponding German implementing legislation, Haniel publishes a separate report on the non-financial statement. It deals with the material topics with respect to environmental, employee and social issues, as well as respect for human rights and combating corruption and bribery in the Haniel Group.

Non-financial statement 2018