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Working together for future quality of life

Our enkelfähig strategy is aimed at proving that sustainable business models are not only profitable, but that they actually outperform non-sustainable business models in the long term – in other words, that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Our vision of future quality of life is based on sustainable value creation that is consistent with environmental protection and the welfare of each and every one of us. We live up to our social responsibility and achieve a balance between tradition and innovation. That is what makes us enkelfähig.

For us, sustainable value creation means not only optimising the way in which we use resources, but also establishing an economy that is circular rather than linear. Value is created not with a short-term perspective and at the expense of our future, but for generations to come. We view our entrepreneurial tradition as the basis for innovative value creation.

When it comes to ensuring future quality of life, we believe that environmental protection goes above and beyond conservation. It also includes renaturation and safeguarding biodiversity, as well as our efforts to not merely halt climate change, but reverse it.

Our future is synonymous with collective well-being in which health and access to medical care are as self-evident as a stable food supply and decent housing.

We will continue to meet our social responsibility in future. Implementing the paradigms of equal opportunity, diversity and respect for human rights allows us to engage with one another in a spirit of mutual respect. This also means appreciating everyone’s work, providing fair working conditions and fair competition, and ensuring that corruption has no place in our society.

As a company dating back to 1756, we uphold our traditions and bring them into the modern world with innovative ideas and approaches. We see technology not as a threat, but as a means of making our vision of future quality of life a reality – a future that is enkelfähig.

This is also reflected in our membership of the UN Global Compact. Our commitment involves not just upholding recognised principles like human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption, but actively contributing to their dissemination within the Haniel Group.