Site responsibility

Home in the Ruhr area

Everything started in Duisburg-Ruhrort for Haniel. The Group’s origins can be traced back to here. This is where the path was set for its global success. Therefore, it is important to Haniel to shape the structural changes on site and to bring about enhancement to the area’s quality of life. Local projects – in particular those for young people and families – receive financial, material and non-material support from "corporate citizen" Haniel. Employees who participate voluntarily in the individual projects also receive support for this.

Haniel Klassik Open Air

The Haniel Klassik Open Air is hosted every two years by the company in cooperation with Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the City of Duisburg and the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra. In this way, the company provides Duisburg residents with free access to high culture and allows recording companies to reach new target groups.

Ruhrorter Hafenkids

Particularly in large urban areas such as the Ruhr, it is often difficult for young people to find a place where they can make constructive use of their free time. That is why Haniel is financing the „Ruhrorter Hafenkids" ("Ruhrort Harbour Kids") youth club. The establishment opened in early 2009 and today children and young people can listen to music, play or surf the Internet here five days a week. They create TV programmes, cook together and put on concerts – all under pedagogical supervision. They also receive help with their homework, and in the holidays there is a special excursion programme. Haniel has developed the youth club in collaboration with young people, Duisburg’s youth welfare department, and the charity Caritas.

Engaged locally

The Holding Company sees itself traditionally as a corporate citizen in its home city of Duisburg-Ruhrort. It supports local initiatives with financial, infrastructural and intellectual resources and promotes projects that benefit the residents – such as the FaiR-Initiative, which aims to make the Ruhrort district more attractive for families. 

Together with cooperation partners KreAktiv for Ruhrort was initiated in 2012 as a central point of contact for citizens and visitors who are looking for information on cultural, recreational, games and sports opportunities. In addition, the team organizes a public bookcase of the Bürgerstiftung Duisburg and helps with cultural events of the Kreativquartier Ruhrort. In addition, the Parkranger were established, they take care of paths and hanging flower baskets for a beautiful cityscape. In 2019, both teams moved to the Maximilianhaus of the Catholic parish on St. Maximilian Square.