Promotion of education

More education for Duisburg

On the occasion of his golden wedding anniversary in 1856, Franz Haniel donated a school to his home town of Duisburg-Ruhrort. The family entrepreneur also set up a fund which was used to pay the school fees of talented children whose parents could not afford to send them to school.

In the 19th century Franz Haniel demonstrated what still applies in the company to the present day: a value system whereby business success goes hand in hand with the obligation to create added social value. In this tradition, Haniel continues to campaign for better education opportunities – in particular at its headquarters in Duisburg and for socially disadvantaged children and young people. The company provides both financial and non-material support for numerous projects and initiatives to improve future prospects for young people, and campaigns for more educational justice.

Hand in hand for more education

The Company and the Haniel Foundation in Duisburg work hand in hand in promoting education: in 2010 the cooperation project 'Bildung als Chance' ('Education as Opportunity') was established together with Ashoka Deutschland and the three social entrepreneurs apeiros e.V., Chancenwerk e.V. and Teach First Deutschland. All three initiatives pursue the same objective with their individual approaches: to break down barriers to education and to provide schoolchildren with a path to a successful future. The project now covers 26 schools in Duisburg, reaching around 1,500 schoolchildren per year. It will also be launched in Hamburg for the 2019/20 school year. In addition to its focus on educational opportunities, the Haniel Foundation also concentrates on supporting young people by providing a variety of bursary programmes to talented future leaders, to help change society through sustainable ideas and creative approaches and to foster ethical entrepreneurship. More than 1,600 future leaders have been supported with bursaries thus far.

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School partnerships

Another form of Haniel's commitment to better education in Duisburg are school partnerships. The company supports the Franz Haniel Grammar School, the Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School and Ruhrort Community Primary School, among other things by doubling the support association's resources. The money is invested by the schools, for example in equipment and special projects. One of these is "Education". It gives pupils the opportunity of up to three visits to the opera during their school time. For the majority, it is their first encounter with high crop.