Social efforts

Commitment with deep roots

For Haniel, it is a tradition to give something of its success back to the environment. Even in the 19th century, Franz Haniel, grandson of the company’s founder, campaigned for the collective good. He donated a hospital and a school to his home town of Duisburg-Ruhrort. Also, he provided voluntary social benefits: Franz Haniel founded Germany’s first company health insurance and built the first housing estate for workers in the Ruhr area. He recognised that employees played an important role in the success of a company. In return, Haniel offered more than a basic salary. The Group still believes this today.

Education for tomorrow’s society

In 1988, the self-image of the Haniel family and company was manifested in the founding of the Haniel Foundation. This self-image determines the two funding priorities: “Creating educational opportunities and shaping integration” and “Strengthening future managers and the image of entrepreneurs within society”.

The Haniel foundation is an education foundation. It addresses current and urgent issues from the field of education by enabling people to tackle these challenges in the entrepreneurial spirit and for the common good. Following the Leitmotiv of the value-oriented entrepreneur in the tradition of the Haniel family, it focuses on creating education opportunities, facilitating integration and support future leaders. The target groups are educationally disadvantaged ­children, youngsters as well as excelling young students and entrepreneurs who in the spirit of the respectable salesman take social responsibility.

Broad spectrum

Despite an international alignment, Haniel has never taken its eye off the local area: the town of Duisburg and the Ruhr area. Here the Group Holding Company contributes to the promotion of education and site responsibility. Particular attention has been paid to Ruhrort, a district in Duisburg. This is because the history of the family company began here over 260 years ago and the Group headquarters is still based here. In addition, Haniel supports employees who actively engage in volunteer work – be this individually or as part of a team, for a Haniel project or for other initiatives.