Responsibility for Employees

Responsibility for Employees

Challenge and Foster

Haniel considers challenges such as globalisation, demographic change and digitalisation as issues to be tackled jointly by the Company and its employees. We devise solutions to changing labour market conditions which are in the mutual interest of and agreed on by the Company and its employees.

Haniel Academy

Haniel employees are supported in developing their technical and personal skills and in reaching their full potential. The Company's own management centre, the Haniel Academy, offers a broad range of training courses. In 2018, Holding Company employees attended an average of 2.5 training days per FTE at the Haniel Academy or with external organisers.

The Holding Company also has the responsibility of selecting and developing senior management for the divisions. We therefore foster professionalisation, continued professional development and networking throughout the entire Group. The Haniel Academy makes a core contribution in this respect with its annual programme comprising training sessions, workshops and qualification courses which enable attendees to develop their personal qualifications. This offering is available to specialists and executives at the Haniel Group and addresses internal requirements and current management trends.


In addition to an attractive remuneration package, Haniel offers employees of the Holding Company a number of additional benefits, including childcare allowances and an employer-funded pension. To provide for a better work-life balance, our staff can work flexible hours. In terms of healthcare services, a range of check-ups and sport offerings are organised, some of which are free of charge. The Haniel Academy also offers training on health and stress management. To receive support in dealing with especially difficult changes in their personal or professional life, all Holding Company employees can make use of a family advice service.