CR management & organisation

Corporate responsibility in management dialogue

The Holding Company places its focus where it has leverage: In developing and managing equity invest­ments. Haniel lays down guidelines and principles for CR management.

Rules of procedure which set out the framework for collaboration on the basis of statutory provisions stipulate that the Holding Company be involved in the development of the divisions’ CR strategies. This is because it has an interest in all equity investments prioritising those CR issues which are rele­vant to them on the basis of stakeholder expectations, developing on that basis an individual CR programme for each business model with objectives and measures, and implementing them by establishing a CR organi­sation.

At the management and departmental levels, there are Corporate Responsibility officers and a regular CR dialogue between the Holding Company and the other divisions. Group-wide Corporate Responsibility initiatives are discussed if necessary at meetings with the CEO, to which Haniel’s Management Board regularly invites decision-makers from the divisions. In addition, the Holding Company organises the Group CR Round Table, where CR experts exchange informa­tion and experience.

While taking into account expectations placed on an appropriate CR organisation as well as those peculiarities of a diversified group of companies with decentralised management which make Haniel unique, content is also accentuated. Common CR action areas and individual initiatives are discussed in dialogue with the divisions. Haniel’s Management Board and the management teams of the divisions agree on objec­tives and measures and discuss progress in regular top management meetings. In this way, the Holding Com­pany ensures that the portfolio companies continually review how their business activities affect the environ­ment and society.