CR management & organisation

Corporate responsibility in management dialogue

As a value developer with a long-term investment strategy, Haniel pursues a holistic approach along the value chain in the context of CR – from dialogue with investors through the investment phase and portfolio management up to disinvestment. The focus is where the Holding Company has a significant lever: in the development and management of the divisions.

In dialogue with the divisions, the Holding Company discusses the strategic alignment and determines mandatory targets and minimum standards – also in the context of corporate responsibility. The divisions are themselves responsible for the implementation of the targets, strategies and minimum standards, as well as operating business. The Holding Company monitors the attainment of CR targets and compliance with minimum standards. To this end, the Haniel Management Board holds a bilateral discussion in September with the division managers and management board members in a quarterly meeting. Here, corporate responsibility has been an integral component of the agenda since 2013. The Haniel Management Board discusses the progress of the existing CR programme together with the divisions and agrees individual targets in the focal points defined as Haniel action areas. In this way, the Holding Company assumes the role of a motivational force and a sparring partner. To promote joint decision-making in the Haniel Group, CEO round table meetings are also held, to which the Haniel Management Board regularly invites the divisions. Where necessary, overarching initiatives in the area of corporate responsibility are also discussed in the committee. In addition to the CR dialogue at management level, the Group CR team also meet for a CR round table, to discuss information and best practices.

Since 2013, corporate responsibility has also been firmly anchored in the organisation of the Holding Company. Each year in summer, the directors of the Corporate Departments join the Management Board at a CR conference. Together, they discuss relevant issues faced by the Holding Company as they relate to Haniel's three action areas and agree concrete measures to integrate CR into the company's core processes, which affect both the interaction with the divisions as well as the Holding Company itself.