Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility at Haniel

Enhancing value – living out values – in line with this principle, Haniel has been combining entrepreneurial drive with a stable core of values for 260 years. Accordingly, corporate responsibility is deeply ingrained in the company’s DNA and is adhered to in equal measure by the owner family and the management. This means combining economic success with responsibility for employees, society and the environment, thereby creating value over generations.

The Haniel values form the basis for lived corporate responsibility in the company. They stand for what Haniel has achieved in the past, and what shapes its actions in the present – the ability to combine a sense of community and a sense of business. The company is committed to the Haniel values at all levels. They serve as a compass and show the direction in which Haniel intends to develop. That is why it is important that all employees have a shared understanding of its values and follow the same behavioural principles. These are enshrined in the Haniel Code of Conduct, which the company revised and updated in 2014. The divisions also issue similar regulations on this basis. Among other things, the Code of Conduct reflects the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. By participating in the UN initiative, Haniel undertook to uphold and promote awareness of the principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. The divisions have also joined the UN Global Compact or have subscribed to its guiding principles.

Sustainable value enhancement

To ensure that responsible entrepreneurship underpins the entire business and thus becomes a competitive advantage, Haniel creates corresponding structures as a strategic Holding Company and provides the divisions with guiding pillars. The company established the expectations of the relevant stakeholders in a systematic stakeholder dialogue in 2013. The results formed the basis for a CR management approach and CR organisation to successfully anchor sustainability in the corporate structure – taking into account those characteristics that mark Haniel as a diversified Group with a decentralised management principle. The Holding Company focuses on the three CR action areas of employees, value chain and innovation. They have been chosen because they affect each company equally, irrespective of the core business in question. The Holding Company and the divisions define individual measures in these action areas, implement them with priority and report progress.