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Improved sales trend at MediaMarktSaturn and METRO Cash & Carry


  • Slightly positive development of like-for-like sales of the continuing operations (future CECONOMY): Q2 2016/17 +0.3 %, H1 +0.1 %; reported sales at previous year’s level
  • EBIT before special items for the continuing operations below last year’s figures: Q2 -€19 million (Q2 2015/16: €38 million), H1 €289 million (H1 2015/16: €342 million)
  • Decline in like-for-like sales of discontinued operations (future METRO): Q2 -1.1 %, H1 -0.4 %; significant increase in reported sales: Q2 +2.4 %, H1 +0.5 %
  • Improvement of comparable EBIT before special items (after renewed depreciation/amortisation in accordance with IFRS 5) of discontinued operations due to real estate income and positive currency effects: Q2 €90 million (Q2 2015/16: -€27 million), H1 €603 million (H1 2015/16: €496 million)

Düsseldorf, 31 May 2017 - In the 2nd quarter and the 1st half of financial year 2016/17, METRO GROUP has seen a continued trend improvement in the sales performance of MediaMarktSaturn and METRO Cash & Carry. Like-for-like sales of the continuing operations increased by 0.3 % in the 2nd quarter 2016/17. MediaMarktSaturn in Germany, in particular, showed a strong performance with a growth in like-for-like sales of 3.4 %. Online sales of the sales brands Media Markt and Saturn continued to develop positively across all countries and grew by more than 40%, reaching a share of almost 12% of total sales. EBIT before special items of the continuing operations was impacted in the 2nd quarter by a high comparison base and by investment in the transformation, such as IT and CRM. In addition, earnings were reduced by investments in start-up activities, such as the Retail Media Group and Deutsche Technikberatung, and measures to strengthen the market position in various countries. Accordingly, as a result of investing in the restructuring of the group of companies, EBIT before special items fell to -€19 million in the 2nd quarter from €38 million in the previous year.

Like-for-like sales of the discontinued operations decreased by 1.1% in the 2nd quarter. This was also due to the negative calendar effects, especially for Real. Reported sales of METRO Cash & Carry showed a significant increase of 5.4 %, which was also partly due to the acquisition of Pro à Pro. This contributed to the increase of more than 30 % in delivery sales of the sales line to a record high of 16.1 % of total sales. EBIT before special items of the discontinued operations improved significantly to €90 million compared to -€27 million in the same quarter last year in particular due to real estate income and positive currency effects.

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