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New Chief Financial Officer at Haniel


Internal appointment for leading positions: Dr Florian Funck succeeds Stefan Meister in the Haniel Managing Board, Dr Silke Landwehrmann is the first woman to ascend to the ranks of the management committee of a Haniel business division.

Duisburg, 14 July 2011. Dr Florian Funck (40), currently the CFO at TAKKT in Stuttgart, has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer at Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH (Haniel). The current Chief Financial Officer, Stefan Meister (45), is leaving the company on 31 August to take up the position as COO and member of the Supervisory Board of Kedge Capital, the corporate holding of the Bertarelli family in Geneva, where he will assume operative management in collaboration with the President of the Supervisory Board, Ernesto Bertarelli.

“We wish to thank Stefan Meister for his outstanding work. His future task is so appealing to him that we do not want to stand in his way and wish him every success in his new challenge,” says Prof Jürgen Kluge, CEO of Haniel.

This new task is a logical career step for Funck. After two years as head of the Central Department for Business Administration at Haniel in Duisburg, he moved to Stuttgart in 2004 to take up a position as Chief Financial Officer of the TAKKT business division. There, he brought the speciality mail-order business through the financial and economic crises extraordinarily well, together with his colleagues on the Managing Board, Dr Felix Zimmermann (CEO) and Franz Vogel.

“We deeply regret the departure of Stefan Meister but are very happy to have gained a major talent on the Managing Board in the form of Florian Funck, a man who has an excellent knowledge of Haniel. He meets all the requirements for helping the Managing Board implement Haniel’s portfolio strategy,” says Franz M. Haniel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Haniel.

Meister worked in various management positions at Celesio in Germany and abroad for almost 15 years. His most recent position was as deputy Head of the Management Board. In 2010, he joined the Managing Board of the Haniel-Holding, where he was in charge of Finance, IT, Purchasing and Corporate Responsibility, managed the CWS-boco and ELG business divisions and also launched the restructuring program for CWS-boco.

Funck’s rise to the ranks of the Haniel Managing Board as successor to Meister is part of a comprehensive HR strategy for the Holding and business divisions that focuses on developing internal talents, rejuvenating top management and promoting women.

As a successor to Funck as Chief Financial Officer of TAKKT, a manager from its own ranks is being proposed to the Supervisory Board: Dr Claude Tomaszewski, currently Group Finance Director at the British Celesio subsidiary AAH Pharmaceuticals. The 42-year-old had managed the Central Department for Business Administration at Haniel up to 2008, and gained valuable operative experience on the British health market in recent years.

There are also personnel changes in the business division ELG. Detlef Drafz (48), a member of the ELG Managing Board since 2007, is rising in the ranks to become CEO. He follows Norbert Späker (54), who is resigning from this office at the end of the year for personal reasons. “We wish to thank Späker for his enormous dedication and successful work and are happy that he will remain closely connected to ELG, initially at management level and later as a consultant,” says Kluge.

Dr Silke Landwehrmann (40) will be the new Head of Commercial Operations at ELG from 1 January, making her the first female top manager in the Haniel Group. Prior to this, she was head of the Central Department for Business Administration at Haniel. This role will now be assumed by Dr Marcus Blome (39), the current Head of Investment Controlling.

“The result of the successful, long-term HR development at Haniel is that we can fill all vacant positions with talented people who have gained experience in Germany and abroad in different strategic and operative functions within the Haniel Group, and who embody our company’s values,” says Haniel.