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METRO GROUP launches joint trade education platform with two German trade industry associations


  • Online portal provides learning materials for secondary and vocational schools
  • Ad-free, educationally refined teaching materials on key aspects of trade
  • Offering underscores industries importance as a key economic sector with more than 33 million employees across Europe

METRO GROUP, the German Retail Federation HDE and the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services BGA have launched the first online platform for comprehensive learning materials on the trade sector. Starting immediately, secondary and vocational school teachers can make use of a collection of educationally refined adapted teaching materials on various aspects of trade for economic, political and social subjects under the link <nobr></nobr>. The offering is rounded out by information on changing topics of current interest such as traceability in food retail.

It is impossible to imagine a world without trade: It is a key pillar of the economy, yet is frequently not recognised as such. For this reason, the new online portal has been launched to bundle teaching materials about this important sector of the economy. The new platform provides an overview of the multifaceted trade sector divided into four subject areas: wholesale and retail, economy, society and environment. Practical teaching material – developed with the help of teachers – can be used for in-depth classroom teaching on the respective subjects. Lesson planning aids are complemented by guidelines on learning objectives and performance expectations. All teaching materials about trade are purely informative and free of ads. The contents and work sheets are rounded out by supplementary information on current, sector-specific topics of interest such as new traceability technologies for food retail.

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