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Haniel seeking long-term balance in its portfolio


Celesio and Metro to remain key pillars of the Company Group.

Duisburg, 21 December 2010. Contrary to reports in today’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Haniel is not currently looking to reduce its stake in Celesio AG and METRO AG. In fact, as part of the Haniel 2020 strategy project, in the long term the company is aiming to achieve greater balance in its portfolio through the acquisition of new areas.

For a quarter of a millennium now, Haniel has always managed its portfolio with an eye on the future. The main task now is to assess the current portfolio on an ongoing basis and not to accept any taboos with regard to its individual components. In its future orientation, Haniel is looking to achieve a more balanced portfolio. With this aim in mind, Haniel launched a strategy project at the start of 2010 in which the company is search for “small pearls”, in other words, companies whose business models are stimulated by global trends and that Haniel, drawing on its more than 250 years of knowledge with regard to long-term portfolio management, could help to internationalise and professionalise.

Achieving long-term balance does not necessarily mean that shares in the listed divisions need to be reduced; this balance can equally be achieved by adding to the existing portfolio to include these “small pearls”, which Haniel builds up, at the same time ensuring a constant increase in their value. After all, this is something that Haniel has successfully managed many times already with all former and current divisions.

Haniel has never mentioned to its management staff that it plans to reduce shares in Celesio or Metro. Both divisions are key pillars of the company portfolio. As part of the annual “Group Conference", the top 200 managers in the Group were told in September 2010 that the Haniel 2020 strategy project will involve seeking out new portfolio components in a bid to achieve a more balanced portfolio over the long term. This information was then passed on to an extended circle of managers in the regular publication “Management News”.

Excerpt from the Haniel 2020 project presentation