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Progress in the field of sustainability


CWS-boco documents international successes in its CR Report

Dreieich, 20 October 2014. CWS-boco has published a new intermediate report on sustainability within the CWS-boco Group. The report entitled “Handle with Care” highlights significant improvements in the nine largest national subsidiaries, particularly in the supply chain and the energy efficiency of the laundries.

“The new intermediate report is based on the 2013 calendar year and details the progress made in the projects which were initiated in the nine largest national subsidiaries: Germany, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Austria and BeLux, following last year’s sustainability report”, explained Carolin Wiegand, Project Manager Corporate Responsibility at CWS-boco International GmbH.

In 2013, the company published its very first comprehensive report on corporate responsibility (CR). In this detailed CR Report, CWS-boco documented all the key international figures from the 2012 calendar year.

CWS-boco divides its corporate responsibility into four fields of action: corporate commitment, environmental commitment, commitment to staff and social commitment. The company aims to improve its results continually in all four areas.

 Overview of the key progress made by CWS-boco:

  • Reduced energy consumption per kg washed for cotton towel rolls, mats and workwear.
  • Reduction of 6,429 tonnes of CO2 from electricity consumption
  • Reduced chemical consumption per kg washed for cotton towel rolls, mats and workwear.
  • Reduced total water consumption in the laundries: -36, 715 m3 (-3%)

For this supplier of textile rental solutions and services, sustainability is not merely a project. The concept of recycling and the resource-saving preparation of textiles are central components of its corporate philosophy. The report, which complies with the GRI 3.1 standard, is based on the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative. CWS-boco thus plays a pioneering role in the textile rental industry, as this report includes international key figures which are virtually unique in this sector.

The CR Report can now be downloaded in English and German at as PDF version.