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CWS-boco publishes its intermediate sustainability report for 2016


Dreieich. In its latest intermediate sustainability report, the provider of textile rental services for workwear and washroom hygiene is once again offering an insight into the environmental record of its value-added chain. For example, intelligent route optimisation made it possible to cut the number of kilometres travelled by 1.2 million. The procurement of organic cotton for article production rose by 12 tonnes, representing an increase of 59 per cent. In addition, 2,567 used washroom dispensers were repaired as opposed to being thrown away in 2015.

Under the title, “Handle with Care”, the CWS-boco Group publishes a comprehensive sustainability report in line with the international reporting standard GRI 4 every two years. The report includes the indicators from the nine biggest national subsidiaries. The intermediate report is now available to read. “Our reports and international indicators offer readers an insight into this unknown market. We want to demonstrate that taking a responsible approach, particularly in energy-intensive sectors, can result in great successes,” explained Sabrina Lenz, Manager Corporate Responsibility in the CWS-boco Group.

With a great reputation comes great responsibility
In 2015, CWS-boco washed a total of 2,627 tonnes of textiles, and this figure is growing all the time. That means that CWS-boco delivers more than 124 million items to its customers each year. Despite this large volume and the challenges which come with it, CWS-boco was still able to optimise its detergent consumption in the mat, flat linen and cleanroom sectors.

Less is more
There are 1,596 service drivers out on the roads for CWS-boco international. They collect and return rental textiles, supply washroom products and deliver dust control mats. The efficiency of its logistics is central to a company’s sustainable success. Drivers at CWS-boco have been assisted by the “Optimize My Day” (OMD) software since 2012. Based on the tasks for the day ahead, the app calculates the shortest and most environmentally friendly route. Thanks to this initiative, 1.2 million kilometres fewer were driven in 2015, which equates to 144,000 litres of petrol. In 2015, 79 per cent of all drivers used the OMD app, 8 per cent higher than in the previous year.

Reuse: old becomes new
CWS-boco takes a stand against our “throw-away society” by using reusable towel rolls. The upcycling centre in Diepoldsau, Switzerland, services towel dispensers in need of repair. Each month, 2,567 dispensers are repaired here and thus saved from the scrap heap.

Fair standards: a social and ecological obligation
In 2014, CWS-boco introduced its Code of Conduct for suppliers, which regulates the fair treatment of employees. Today, CWS-boco procures 96 per cent of its purchasing volume from partners who have signed up to the principles of this code. In 2016, the figure is set to rise to 99 per cent. The “boco Profi Line” is further proof of CWS-boco’s commitment to fairness: The collection is produced using cotton from Fairtrade-certified farm cooperatives in Asia and Africa. The procurement of organic cotton for product production rose by 12 tonnes in 2015 to a total of 32 tonnes. This corresponds to an increase of 59 per cent.

The full report can be downloaded here: