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CWS-boco acquires parts of Celtic Linen Ltd.


The international rental service provider is continuing to expand its core business.

Duisburg, 13 July 2015. In order to strengthen CWS-boco’s market position in Ireland even further and continue to promote growth in its core business, the CWS-boco Group has made an important investment  in the Irish market. As of 31st August 2015, CWS-boco Ireland will be taking over the workwear, washroom hygiene and dust control mat contracts currently serviced by the Irish company Celtic Linen Ltd.  With this acquisition, CWS-boco has further strengthened its market position in the Republic of Ireland. Once all the transition phases are complete, CWS-boco will be providing its services to an additional 750 new customers.

Maximilian Teichner, Chairman of the Management Board of the CWS-boco Group, was clearly happy with how the whole acquisition had gone. “We are investing in the Group’s future and focusing consistently on further growth in our markets. I am delighted that with this acquisition we have been able to seize the opportunity to expand our core business fields of workwear, washroom hygiene and dust control mats in Ireland,” explained Max Teichner, CEO of the CWS-boco Group.

Celtic Linen Ltd. was founded in 1926 and is a symbol of product quality and customer proximity in Ireland in the healthcare market in particular. CWS-boco and Celtic Linen have now agreed that the CWS-boco Group will take over the complete workwear, dust control mat and washroom service. In return, CWS-boco is transferring its current flat linen business in the healthcare sector to Celtic Linen Ltd. This step will allow both players to concentrate on their core business areas.

As a result, the Irish national company of the CWS-boco Group will be able to optimise the capacities of its laundries in Cork, Dublin and Galway more efficiently in the future and utilise the opportunity to grow further in the core segments of workwear, mats and washroom hygiene. The transfer of all the business processes to the Irish CWS-boco branches will be performed on a phased basis 31st August 2015.