We make things happen

We develop Companies

As a family-equity company, Haniel is building a portfolio with market leading companies. The rule is: We combine the professionalism of a private equity investor with the understanding of the values of a family business.

Exchanging views 1

Sarna Röser and Stephan Gemkow talk about family background in companies.

Exchanging views 2

Sarna Röser and Stephan Gemkow talk about their success strategies.

Exchanging view 3

Sarna Röser and Stephan Gemkow about values, tradition and visions for the future.

Digital Update 2018

What's going on in terms of digital transformation in the Haniel Group and what were the highlights in 2018? See a summary of our digital activities!

Interview with Tore Valderhaug

Tore Valderhaug, Active Chairman bei Optimar, gives insights into his work and what Haniel and Optimar have in common.

Haniel Corporate Governance

Distinct responsibility structures and cooperation based on partnership: These are the principles that distinguish corporate governance at Haniel.

We are Value Developers

As a family-equity company Haniel is building a portfolio with market-leading companies. The rule is: We combine the professionalism of a private equity investor with the understanding of the values of a family business.

Making good Progress together

How are digitalisation targets being implemented? What challenges must be overcome? And how is the way in which we work together changing? Haniel Group employees talk about how they are shaping the Group’s digital transformation.

Haniel Digital Journey - Leadership and Cooperation

“You know the dodo? This bird once lived on Mauritius. It could not fly but was optimally adapted to its environment – until sailors in the 17th century brought rats and monkeys with them. Within 100 years the dodo was extinct.”

Haniel Digital Journey - Goals and Projects

We see digitalisation as a great opportunity to successfully develop our portfolio. Together with the divisions, we have set out objectives and are working to implement them.

Corporate video

Haniel - We are enkelfähig

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH is a German family-equity company that has been headquartered in Duisburg-Ruhrort since it was founded in 1756. The 100 per cent family-owned Holding Company manages its diversified portfolio from there and pursues a long-term investment strategy as a value developer. (Version: November 2017)

Clips about the Haniel values

We think in generations

Our history as a family enterprise that has been successful for centuries shapes our long-term thoughts and actions.

We create value

Our sustained value-enhancing corporate management ensures our economic success – which both obliges and enables us to create social value.

We assume responsibility

We consider it our duty to bring economic, environmental and social objectives into harmony.

We act in an entrepreneurial manner

We stand out at all corporate levels by acting in a forward-looking manner with a pronounced desire to create.

We shape change

We see change as an opportunity for sustained growth – but instead of allowing ourselves to be led by events, we actively shape markets.

We support our staff

To enable our staff to contribute their creativity and skills to corporate success in the best possible manner, we both challenge and encourage them by means of trusting dialogue.


Impressions of the Fourth Haniel Klassik Open Air

A full Opernplatz in Duisburg and an exuberant mood - that was the 4th Haniel Klassik Open Air on 6 September 2019. Excerpts from operas by Beethoven, Saint-Saëns and Verdi thrilled the 7000 or so spectators. Here you can see impressions of the popular cultural event.

Haniel Leadership Lab 2018

More than one hundred executives and digital experts from the Haniel Group met at the Haniel Leadership Lab 2018. On the subject of "Digital Change: It's all about connecting people", the colleagues discussed the opportunities offered by networks for the Group's companies. 

Haniel Leadership Lab 2017

On 11 and 12 September, around 100 international managers and digital talents from the Haniel Group dealt with the topic of digitalisation and leadership. How do we manage the modern working life and what do we have to do to be successful in the future? Watch the film about the event here.

Impressions from the Third Haniel Klassik Open Air

With highlights from Italian, French and Russian operas as well as with rock elements, the third Haniel Klassik Open Air, which took place on 8 September 2017, enthused some 3,000 visitors at the Opernplatz in Duisburg. Look here for impressions of the cultural event.

Haniel Leadership Lab 2016

At the management conference on 13 and 14 September, around 100 international managers from the Haniel Group once again dealt with the topic of digital transformation. The focus this year was on one question: How specifically can we implement digitalisation in our business models? Watch the film about the event here.

Annual accounts press conference 2016

On 11 April 2016 Haniel presented the results of the 2015 financial year. In addition to the results of the 2015 financial year, Haniel’s acquisitions, initiatives related to digitalisation and the Holding Company’s social commitment took centre stage.

Impressions of the Second Haniel Klassik Open Air

The second Haniel Klassik Open Air, which took place on 28 August 2015, was once more a resounding success. Around 7,000 people came to the musical spectacle in Duisburg city centre and were captivated. Watch a recording of the cultural event here.

Haniel Group Conference 2015

The challenge of digitalisation - the Haniel Group Conference (leaders convention) 2015 bore the slogan "The digital transformation". Watch the complete event documentation here.

Impressions of the First Haniel Klassik Open Air

"It's incredible what goes on in Duisburg!" The first Haniel Klassik Open Air captivated its visitors. Watch a film about the extraordinary cultural event here. Musicians, moderators, visitors and Haniel representatives give their impressions.

Annual accounts press conference 2015

Haniel published its Annual Report 2014 on 13 April 2015 which is entitled "Family Equity - The Best of Both Worlds". Haniel is thereby positioning itself as a value-oriented investment holding company.

Haniel Group Conference 2014

On the search for the entrepreneurial spirit - the Haniel Group Conference (management conference) 2014 bore the slogan "Act as an Entrepreneur". Watch the complete event documentation here.

Press footage

Franz-Haniel-Platz (Company Site)

  • general impressions Franz-Haniel-Platz
  • The historisches Packhaus / Haniel Museum
  • Haniel Academy
  • Main Building

Total running time: 4:40 min


Annual Report 2014 / Annual accounts press conference 13-04-2015

Total running time: 1:40 min


Annual Report 2013 / Annual accounts press conference 07-04-2014

Total running time: 1:17 min



Time travel on video: From a commodity trading company to a family equity company

The site where Haniel's history began more than 255 years ago – the historic Packhaus – is today the Haniel Museum. Over three floors, the visitors experience how the family company developed into an international Group. This film will give you a little foretaste.