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Target structure

Together into the future

In its future investments, Haniel is consistently focusing on sustainable business models that can be assigned to the three focus areas People, Planet and Progress. Haniel is thus setting clear criteria: Investments are only made in companies whose business model and corporate culture meet these standards. In a modern and performance-oriented company, we want to contribute to a future worth living with these sustainable business models. The Haniel Group is taking this path into the future together. Our investments in our focus areas People, Planet and Progress unite their sustainable orientation, while at the same time working independently on the basis of a common framework for action, the Haniel Operating Way. 
In the transformation phase that Haniel is currently in, the company is working intensively with its business units to ensure that the existing portfolio companies also meet our high standards of sustainable management and simultaneous performance orientation.


We enable people to live healthy, peaceful and happy lives.
In the People investment field, we concentrate on the acquisition of companies that are dedicated to the overriding themes of health and well-being.  Specifically, this may involve, for example, equipment or new technologies for the healthcare sector as well as medical consumables. 


We ensure that our planet is preserved for future generations.
In the Planet investment field, we concentrate on two overarching themes: environmental services and climate change. Business models that are interesting for Haniel include recycling and environmental protection services, climate-neutral energy production and renewable energies. 


We promote innovation, prosperity and economic growth.
In the Progress investment field, Haniel concentrates on acquisitions that are dedicated to the overriding theme of robotics & automation - for example industrial automation, internal logistics or industrial mechanical engineering.