Business equipment for companies of all industries and sizes

TAKKT bundles a portfolio of B2B direct marketing specialists for business equipment in Europe and North America in a single company. The company is also successful in Asia. The divisions TAKKT EUROPE and TAKKT AMERICA bundle the offers of hundreds of suppliers into one range with more than 500,000 products. In this way, customers can source all of the equipment for their company from one place.

Focusing on customer demands

TAKKT offers comprehensive service before, during and after delivery. If needed, experts will draw up a detailed layout plan in advance. Purpose-built items can also be produced – for example, single items or smaller series in the customer's corporate design. Thanks to a sophisticated logistics system, a large part of the product range is shipped to the customer within 24 hours. There is an on-site assembly service for office furniture.

Advancing growth

TAKKT relies on professional catalogues, persuasive service and durable quality products to acquire and retain new customers on a sustained basis. With the aim of becoming the global market leader in B2B direct marketing for business equipment, the company optimises its services by using e-commerce and expands the product range with new product lines. TAKKT is also expanding in new countries and regions where the infrastructure is suited to B2B direct marketing.

TAKKT has been part of the Haniel Group since 1985.