Digital Unit Schacht One

Glück auf! Here’s to a digital future!

Schacht One is Haniel's digital business. Together with the divisions, digital ideas are developed and made ready for the market as quickly as possible. In this sense, Schacht One considers itself the digital workbench of the Haniel Group. The target is to provide minimum viable products (MVPs) – i.e. 80 per cent solutions. The Haniel divisions take these MVPs back to their real business and further refine their product with the help of customer feedback. "We are convinced that we have created a real catalyst for digital transformation at Haniel with this. That is unique for a holding company," emphasises Haniel boss Stephan Gemkow.

This is a historic day. When we look back, we will say: This was a moment when something changed in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and in the Ruhr area.

NRW Minister for Economic Affairs, Garrelt Duin, during the opening in April 2016

Schacht One is based at the Zollverein Colliery world heritage cultural site in Essen. Here, the team has found a well-developed infrastructure, is able to network with other digital businesses on the premises and profits from the inspiring atmosphere on the world heritage site. Last but not least, the Zollverein Colliery is of unique historical significance for Haniel: Schacht One lies just 500 metres away from Schacht (mine shaft) 1. It was there, 165 years ago, that Franz Haniel succeeded in the large-scale mining of bituminous coal for the first time ever. With this, he provided the fuel for the industrialisation of the Ruhr area and far beyond. Schacht One is a reminder of this pioneering effort and is where the fuel will be mined for the next major economic revolution – the digital revolution.


View the film showing the opening ceremony on 22 April 2016 here.