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Haniel continues portfolio transformation and invests in Gilde Healthcare V


Duisburg, 31. March 2020. Haniel, a German family-equity company, becomes a Regional Cornerstone Investor of Gilde Healthcare V. The growth capital fund focuses on medtech, digital health and therapeutics with a volume of EUR 416 million. With its EUR 30 million commitment Haniel is taking the next step of its strategic repositioning to invest only in business models that contribute to a future worth living. As a part of its transformation, Haniel uses EUR 500 million of its investment volume to invest in companies in dynamic growth stages of their development.

“This is a great opportunity for us to support high growth companies in the healthcare sector, where innovations to enable better healthcare outcomes at reduced costs are needed urgently” says Thomas Schmidt, CEO of Haniel. “Even in these difficult times, we stick to our principle of investing only in companies across the entire business life cycle that make a contribution to solving global challenges and contribute to a future worth living.”

Growth capital investments as a part of Haniel’s strategy
Haniel is committed to generate value for generations, ensuring good future prospects for many generations to come. Specifically, Haniel is being guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the economic megatrends of our time. The essential key to this strategy is the restructuring of the portfolio, focusing on People, Planet, Progress. As a part of this growth strategy, Haniel is going to invest EUR 500 million in companies in earlier stages of their development directly and through investment funds. Through the investment in Gilde Healthcare V, Haniel supports business models in the area of Health & Well-being to enable people to live healthy, peaceful and happy lives. As a Regional Cornerstone Investor with an investment volume of EUR 30 million Haniel is one of the largest investors in this fund. Therefore, the company will participate in various strategic cooperation initiatives. This provides an early opportunity for knowledge exchange and to identify potential candidates for the core portfolio.

Gilde Healthcare V focuses on improved care at affordable costs
The new fund targets growth opportunities in a broad range of healthcare sectors including digital health, medtech and therapeutics both in Europe and North America. The fund will have a special attention for private healthcare companies enabling improved care at affordable cost. Treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases (like COVID-19) forms part of the strategy. Gilde Healthcare V raised EUR 416 million and is supported by a balanced mix of international investors. The fund will typically make equity investments in a single portfolio company of between EUR 10 to 40 million.