Ratings & research

Rating published

It is important for Haniel to be well regarded by its financial partners and to have a good credit rating at all times. After all, the Group intends to continue using all the available financing options on the most favourable terms. Against this background and with a view to securing a stable investment grade rating, Haniel submits to external rating processes.

Haniel issuer ratings
Rating agency Rating type Rating Outlook Last change
Moody's Investor Service long-term Ba1 positive outlook 26.01.2017
Scope Ratings long-term BBB- stable outlook 23.02.2016
Standard & Poor's long-term BBB- stable outlook 29.04.2016

The rating by the rating agencies is primarily attributable to the value of Haniel’s investment portfolio and the cash flow within the Holding Company.

Credit analysts

The following list comprises all known key credit analysts that issue ratings for Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. This list has been drawn up to the best of our knowledge and is not exhaustive.

Institution Analyst
Berenberg Jannik Prochnow
Tel: +44 20 3753 3262
E-mail: jannik.prochnow(at)berenberg.com

2016-02-09: Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, On the final Straight to Investment Grade?
Commerzbank AG Juliane Rack
Tel: +49 69 136 80255
E-mail: juliane.rack(at)commerzbank.com
Exane Derivatives Cyril Benayoun, CFA
+33(0)1 42 99 24 98
E-mail: cyril.benayoun(at)exane.com
ING Bank Mark Harmer
Tel: +31 20 563 8964
E-mail: mark.harmer(at)ingbank.com
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Gerold Deppisch
Tel: +49 711 127 760 02
E-mail: gerold.deppisch(at)lbbw.de
OCTO Finance Alain Lopez
+33 1 45 02 66 17
E-mail: alain.lopez(at)octofinances.com
UniCredit Rocco Schilling
Tel: +49 89 378 15449
E-mail: rocco.schilling(at)unicreditgroup.de