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Values and Core Behaviors

What sets us apart

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH has been successful for 260 years and is owned by the Haniel family. The prerequisite for this success was and is a high degree of creative will and willingness to change. With all this dynamism, firmly anchored principles ensure that we remain in balance: The Haniel values serve as a basis for us, they define who we are. The Haniel Core Behaviors give us the guidelines for our daily business – they define our way of working. 

Our Values


We say what we think
Being sincere and honest in all of our words and actions is essential to us. That includes openly communicating our ongoing processes and decisions as well as our beliefs and opinions even if they are inconvenient.


We do what we believe in.
At Haniel, we have always been deeply committed to our beliefs and virtues and keep living them throughout our organization in how we think, communicate and behave.


We take paths we are convinced of.
Taking courage to make difficult decisions is incorporated in our DNA as we see new ways and ideas as promising opportunities. This enables us to grow and adapt to changing circumstances.


We do what we say.
We are convinced of our own strengths and competences with everything we do enabling us to meet our customers’ demands and high standards. This makes us a business partner to rely on.


We rely on our partners.
Trust is the fundament of all our relations that make Haniel what it is. We therefore confide in our colleagues, leaders and business partners and respect their decisions.


We want to move what moves people.
We are mindful of our own actions and their consequences on corporate, local and global level. Based on that we take actions for people, planet and progress by promoting sustainable business models now and in the future.

Haniel Core Behaviors

Our core behaviors define and explain the expectations for every Haniel employee in their daily work routine, drive the cultural change within Haniel towards outperformance and act as the basis for regular performance evaluation, recognition and placement decisions.

Think customer first

We make it easy to do business with. Our customers are the center of everything we do.

Improve every day

We challenge the status quo and quickly embrace change. We keep it simple and impactful.

Compete for success

We are determined to win with a clear drive to reach our goals. We have the courage to make difficult decisions.

Empower others

We engage our employees through open feedback, collaboration, transparency and teamwork.

Take ownership

We are accountable for our targets and always deliver on our commitments.