enkelfähig: creating value for generations

As a family-owned company we have over 260 years of experience with transformation. In the past time and again we have courageously adjusted our portfolio and company structures to changing conditions. We will continue to do so in the future. We met the challenges faced in recent years. As a result of vigorous consolidation, we have created a stable starting basis. We are building on this and are now opening a new chapter in Haniel’s corporate history.

What objectives are we pursuing?

Enkelfähigkeit (creating value for generations):
Haniel aspires to be enkelfähig, ensuring the future prospects for many generations to come through entrepreneurial activities. Creating value for generations means a strong value orientation coupled with modern entrepreneurial thinking and a clear performance focus.

Leading family equity company with consistent sustainable alignment:
With our transformation we are pursuing a clear objective: we will become the leading German familyequity company with a clear focus on sustainability. We combine the values and long-term alignment of a family-owned company with the flexibility and professionalism of a private equity investor.

What is our approach?

We are refining our investment strategy, focussing on the sustainability and performance of our portfolio companies.

Sustainability is our guiding principle for corporate activities. Business models are considered only if they can make a positive contribution to sustainability - today and in the future. This is why we are focussing on business models which can be allocated to one of three new investment sectors: People, Planet, Progress. As we choose the specific business models, we are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and global megatrends.

We do not see sustainability as an end in itself. We are confident that sustainable business models can generate an outstanding return. We want to create values for many generations. As a result, performance of our portfolio is the focus. We set clear, ambitious targets. In the medium term, we aim to achieve a total return of more than nine percent, thus outperforming the capital market.

How specifically do we implement this?

Haniel Operating Way:
We are changing from being a classic portfolio manager to a strategic architect that actively develops companies. With the Haniel Operating Way (HOW), we create operating pillars to enable us to further develop our portfolio on an ongoing basis. It focuses on process and customer orientation in order to achieve operational excellence in each of our business investments.

What does that mean for us?

Agile organisation:
In order to achieve our ambitious objectives, we are also developing our culture in an active fashion – to a modern, performance-driven organisation in which courageous, entrepreneurial decisions are made. The basis for this is a lean holding structure with a forceful Investment area on the one hand and the Infrastructure/Family area on the other.