Haniel – family equity since 1756

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH is a leading German family equity company that has been headquartered in Duisburg-Ruhrort since it was founded in 1756. From then onwards the 100 per cent family-owned holding company has managed its diversified portfolio and has pursued a unique investment strategy as a value developer with a vigorous alignment to sustainability criteria and a clear performance orientation. Haniel’s portfolio currently consists of six divisions that have independent responsibility for operational business, each with a market-leading position in their sector: BekaertDeslee, CWS, ELG, Optimar, ROVEMA and TAKKT. In addition, there is a financial investment in CECONOMY.

In 2018, the Haniel Group generated sales of EUR 4.6 billion with around 18,800 employees. At Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH capital and management are clearly separate. Since the start of the 20th century, the company’s approximately 720 shareholders have transferred corporate management to external managers.

Our objectives...

Enkelfähigkeit (creating value for generations):
Haniel aspires to be enkelfähig, ensuring the future prospects for many generations to come through entrepreneurial activities. Creating value for generations means a strong value orientation coupled with modern entrepreneurial thinking and a clear performance focus.

Leading family equity company with consistent sustainable alignment:
With our transformation we are pursuing a clear objective: we will become the leading German familyequity company with a clear focus on sustainability. We combine the values and long-term alignment of a family-owned company with the flexibility and professionalism of a private equity investor.

... and how we get there

Haniel Operating Way:
We are changing from being a classic portfolio manager to a strategic architect that actively develops companies. With the Haniel Operating Way (HOW), we create operating pillars to enable us to further develop our portfolio on an ongoing basis. It focuses on process and customer orientation in order to achieve operational excellence in each of our business investments.

Agile organisation:
In order to achieve our ambitious objectives, we are also developing our culture in an active fashion – to a modern, performance-driven organisation in which courageous, entrepreneurial decisions are made. The basis for this is a lean holding structure with a forceful Investment area on the one hand and the Infrastructure/Family area on the other.