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Lime sandstone matter finalised

  • Homeowners satisfied in roughly 300 cases following settlement  
  • Haniel completed the “lime sandstone project” in just five years and settled the property damage claims of roughly 300 properties as a gesture of goodwill

As a reminder: Haniel’s former building material company (later known as Xella) produced lime sandstone using additional materials, known as “REA-Kalk”, in the 80s and 90s. After a number of years, it emerged that the walls made with this material were potentially prone to damage as a result of inadequate waterproofing or constant moisture penetration.

And with no legal obligation to do so, Haniel offered to provide assistance to all owners for the damage caused, either by replacing the affected walls or by providing financial compensation if the damage was manageable and above ground. Some owners were not willing to collaborate with Haniel and some of them took legal action. But the claims made by these owners have been refuted in all of the final judgements reached by the courts so far.

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