Integrating refugees


Employees set up emergency donation centre in Duisburg-Neuenkamp.

After donations had already been collected as a result of the Christmas campaign, Haniel gave spare furniture to a refugee centre of the Protestant church’s welfare organisation at the end of February, following the restructuring of the old guesthouse. As a result, three families and two single mothers were provided with the basic equipment they needed.

Sufficient initial support and decent accommodation for those entitled to asylum continues to be a very important matter for Haniel. In order to provide this to as many refugees with a residence permit as possible, Haniel recently supported the establishment of an emergency donation centre in Duisburg-Neuenkamp. The campaign took place within the context of the “We are together” initiative in coordination with the city of Duisburg. Jörg Franz and Stefan Kussel, who are employees of the service team of the General Services Corporate Department, assembled heavy duty shelves previously bought by Haniel. Furthermore, they arranged the transportation of tables and cupboards and organised the construction of the centre. Haniel also made a used PC available together with accessories and a printer. These hard-working helpers were released from work within the context of employee commitment.