Breaking Conventions


Five corporates – 19 digital challenges: in cooperation with four major German corporates from the Ruhr area, Schacht One is looking for new ideas for KAISER + KRAFT, Certeo und ELG. Start-ups can apply until January, 21th.

Why travel to Silicon Valley to seek inspiration when there are so many innovative ideas and business models close by? Teams, who are ready to think differently and break conventions? Therefore, Schacht One, thyssenkrupp, innogy, Funke-Mediengruppe and Open Grid Europe started the start-up-challenge Beyound Conventions. The idea: Every corporate announced concrete digital challenges in their B2B businesses. Start-ups can apply until January, 21th.

Startups that qualify for a pilot will be invited to our event in February to present their solutions to a bunch of corporates at the thyssenkrupp headquarter on February, 21st and 22nd. 600 guests are expected for this event, there will be keynotes and networking opportunities. Afterwards, the winning teams can scale their ideas with the corporates. “The aim is to strengthen the Ruhr area as a start-up hub and to boost the network of corporates and founders”, says Laszlo Juhasz of Schacht One.

The Haniel digital unit announced three challenges for the divisions:

ELG: Scrap metal analytics
(Scrap) Metal comes in thousands of alloys comprising of manifold chemical elements. Currently, the exact analysis of the metallurgical ingredients can only be found using stationary equipment involving the meltdown of a representative sample the material or at best an expensive (handheld) device using spectroanalysis. “At the same time the analysis is crucial to determine the value of the lot in question”, explains Florian Kriependorf, who is responsible for the challenge. The questionis: How can the process of analyzing scrap metal to a reasonably sufficient degree be done differently – quicker, easier and/or less expensive?

KAISER + KRAFT: Next Generation Business Equipment Presentation Challenge
„In wholsale with business equipment the transactions are demand-driven“, says Carsten Grieß from KAISER+KRAFT. „Therefore, current marketing activities are not efficient enough.“ The division of TAKKT is looking for an overarching approach to market their office and space systems, which are currently narrowed to the limitation of a product focused presentation. The goal is to generate additional values for our customers through holistic solutions, advices and services. 

Certeo: Smart office equipment„Technologies such as IoT, sensor technology, or voice control are becoming more and more prevalent in everybody’s daily life“, explains Philipp Haferkamp from Certeo. „But our products do not have any of these smart components.“ The TAKKT division wants to change that: The challenge is to design a product or a product line of smart or customizable products in the industrial or office equipment space suitable.