Haniel creates new climate!


In February, construction work began at Franz-Haniel-Platz for the installation of the new co-generation unit and new cooling systems. The workers are digging, drilling and laying pipes in the first stage of construction.

A line is currently being dug out where the pipelines for the cooling and heating supply will be laid in early March. For this purpose, core drilling at building FHP 1a is expected to take place on 27 and 28 February, which could become somewhat louder.

To ensure that suppliers, visitors and in case of emergency the fire brigade are still able to drive across the square, the earthworks are being carried out in two stages: After the pipes have been laid, the first part of the line in front of FHP 1a will be filled again immediately. Excavation work for the second half of the line in the FHP 6-8/Academy area will then begin in early March. All pipelines are expected to be laid by early April. Afterwards, the surfaces will be restored so that Franz-Haniel-Platz will be back to its former glory by the end of April.

Previously, the buildings were supplied separately by a total of seven boiler systems and seven cooling systems on the roofs. The reconstruction work will result in everything being centralised: In future, a co-generation unit in the Academy will provide heating for the whole square and a cooling system on the roof of building 1a will circulate cool air to all offices in the summer. In the next stage of construction, the old cooling systems on the roof of FHP 1a will be dismantled. We will keep you up to date with the details of the construction work.