Finishing school successfully


The Aletta Haniel Programme is now saying goodbye to its fifth annual intake of participants as they have all received their school-leaving certificate. In this interview, a former participant explains the value of this programme from her own point of view.

At the end of June, the Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School ceremonially gave around 140 Year 10 pupils their leaving certificates. 19 of them took part in the Aletta Haniel programme.

Every year, the programme accepts up to 25 pupils who appear to be at risk of failing Year 10. Over a period of three years, these pupils are given advice and support via various modules, such as remedial teaching, individual learning support, work with parents, social skills training or career orientation camps. Thanks to the programme’s large network, pupils are successfully placed as interns or apprentices. The numbers speak for themselves – even in the fifth round of this programme, which has now been completed successfully. All the participating pupils received their leaving certificate. Six of them have already found an apprenticeship and another four are still applying. The other nine pupils will continue their schooling in the sixth form or at a vocational college. The Aletta Haniel Programme, which was launched in 2009 thanks to a donation from Peter Groos to the Aletta Haniel Comprehensive School, has an average success rate of around 32 per cent with regard to the number of pupils who are placed as apprentices immediately. In addition, all participating pupils have better education and training possibilities as a result of this programme.

Adrianna Ewa Tarasiuk also benefited from the programme. She moved from Poland to Germany and seized the opportunity to receive extra-curricular support. In this brief interview, she talks about her experience with the Aletta Haniel Programme:

What was your situation at school like before you began the Aletta Haniel Programme?
Actually, I was always good at school. The problem I faced was the fact that I had moved to Germany without knowing the language and that I couldn’t talk to anyone, let alone understand lessons. Some of my classmates were also Polish and it was very tempting to simply speak Polish with them. But I knew that I had to learn German quickly if I wanted to keep doing well at school. This is why I signed up for the Aletta Haniel Programme.

What did you gain from the Aletta Haniel Programme and what would your schooling have been like without this programme?
Thanks to the Aletta Haniel Programme, I did a one-year intensive German course on top of school. Students managed the course and taught us pupils in a highly individual and insightful way. I think I would have learnt German even without the Aletta Haniel Programme, but it would have been considerably harder and more time-consuming. It would have probably affected many of my grades and I might have had to repeat a year.

What are you doing now – after the Aletta Haniel Programme? I am studying economics at the University of Duisburg. I am also a tutor for the Aletta Haniel Programme. I want to give something back in this way because the programme helped me a lot. I want to help pupils not only with the subjects that are taught in school but also by boosting their confidence. Many of those who start the programme with poor grades have lost faith in themselves to some extent. I know from experience that you can go from zero to a hundred if you really want to and believe in yourself – and I wish the same to all of the pupils that I am tutoring.