Washroom with Steel and Style


The CWS range of dispensers ParadiseLine Stainless Steel has been awarded the “Design Plus powered by ISH 2013” at ISH, the international sanitary and heating trade fair. Read here what makes the stainless steel range so special and why else CWS-boco “mesmerised” the trade fair visitors.


Messe Frankfurt, shortly before two. Maximilian Teichner, CEO of CWS-boco International and his colleague Ralf Biese, National Head of Sales for Partner Sales, push their way through the packed corridors. They are about to receive the design award “Design Plus powered by ISH 2013”. In the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade, the award is considered a seal of approval for above-average quality. The award is granted for environmentally friendly building services technology, innovative bathroom design or sustainable sanitary solutions. Among these is CWS-boco’s stainless steel dispenser range CWS ParadiseLine Stainless Steel.

The label goes to ...

The award ceremony begins. Two jurors, members of the German Design Council, call the winners onto the stage one after the other. CWS-boco is the fifth to be called. “ParadiseLine, washroom range,” says the juror. “Manufacturer: CWS-boco International GmbH. Designer: Jens Pattberg.” Then every thing goes very quickly: Teichner and Biese accept the congratulations and the award – a glass plate with engraving – and smile for the photographers. Having come back down, they clink glasses with their colleagues from Public Relations and Product Development – after all, everyone has contributed to the success of the range. “The award means a lot to us,” Teichner says proudly. “It is issued by the leading trade fair that caters to what are traditionally our most important industry customers, those in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade.”

Particularly valuable

Why do CWS-boco’s stainless steel dispensers deserve an award? The trade fair visitors find out why at a special exhibition for the design award. In a reproduced washroom, they can see towel, soap and fragrance dispensers made of matt brushed stainless steel. Compared to their plastic “siblings” from the ParadiseLine, which has also won several awards for design and user-friendliness, the dispensers seem even more elegant – a modern five-star hotel could hang them up in its washrooms without any problem. However, the stainless steel range does not just look good, it is also particularly hygienic. Stainless steel does not rust and is highly scratch-resistant. Moreover, bacteria can barely gain a hold on the smooth surface. This allows effortless and quick disinfection. “Our stainless steel range is the ideal solution for washroom operators who place particular value on hygiene but do not want to sacrifice good design,” says Rolf Biese. The products are also particularly environmentally friendly. The concentrated soaps used are biodegradable and the fragrance systems work without a propellant.

Like paradise

Of course, CWS-boco also has its own stand at ISH. In hall 4, the Haniel division presents professional clothing for rent for the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning trade and for electricians as well as innovations in washroom hygiene. That the focus is on the ParadiseLine – both in plastic and in stainless steel – is already clear before entering the exhibition area. At the entrance, trade fair magician Niko Walter – an old acquaintance – enchants the visitors. He makes tables float, shortens long ropes and conjures forth the freshly awarded stainless steel dispensers behind cloths. “With the ParadiseLine Stainless Steel soap dispenser, anything is possible,” he tells his viewers. “It has just been given the trade fair’s own design award. Find out about it yourself!” It works. Having just watched Walter’s tricks, the visitors now go to the trade fair stand. There, representatives from Sales present the steel dispensers to them and provide them with information on the service that can be expected from CWS-boco – including about how often a service assistant supplies fresh towel rolls. The “Design Plus powered by ISH 2013” hovers above. The representatives have mounted it on the wall above the dispensers.

What is ISH?

ISH, the international sanitary and heating trade fair, is the world’s biggest exhibition for the combination of water and energy. Whether it be sustainable sanitary solutions, innovative bathroom design, energy-efficient heating technology or environmentally friendly air-conditioning technology: the world’s leading trade fair covers all aspects of future-orientated building solutions.

More than 2,300 exhibitors, including all market leaders from Germany and abroad, present their world firsts in Frankfurt every two years. Over five days, the trade fair attracts approximately 200,000 international trade visitors.

What is the “Design Plus powered by ISH”?

The award is among the leading design awards in Germany. It is considered a seal of approval for future-orientated products that combine innovative design with energy-efficient technology. Alongside design quality and the overall concept, innovative content and technical and ecological aspects form the central assessment criteria.