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kiwifalter is here


kiwifalter, a “free-time space“ for the whole family, officially opened on 28 September. Its two founders are graduates of the Social Impact Lab – and they're now getting off to a great start in the new building they planned themselves.

We have already covered the two founders' long, hard journey in enkelfähig. Stephanie Maus and Katja Kaltenbach never gave up, and have literally built something tangible: their kiwifalter building now stands on a 2,500 square-metre site in northern Düsseldorf after a construction period of just nine months – and it's a hive of activity. The founders started the first classes – which range from art, music, exercise and theatre to digital workshops – at the beginning of August, and kiwifalter is proving a huge hit.

Strong for children, easy for families

“Back then, the Social Impact Lab lovingly took our business idea to pieces – and put it back together even more lovingly”, says Kaltenbach, recalling the partnership at Franz-Haniel-Platz. “In particular, we learned to see the project more fully from the customers' perspective”. This is now paying off, as after intensive discussions with parents, the two founders have rigorously adapted the concept to their requirements. “Kiwifalter is a place where the whole family feels at home. That matters a great deal to us!”, stresses Stephanie Maus. That's why there is a work area where parents can make good use of their waiting time. And that's not all: there are also options for adults, as well as classes that children can attend with their parents or grandparents.

A wealth of new ideas

The special thing about kiwifalter is that the families book activities with different durations: ranging from one-off classes and weekly courses to school-holiday camps. All formats are flexible and easy to book via the kiwifalter app. “We were keen for the system to be easily structured for customers and largely automated for us“, explains Kaltenbach. “As a result, we avoid unnecessary administration and have more time to enhance the concept“. There are plenty of ideas for this. For instance, the two founders are planning a collaboration with the neighbouring restaurant: “We will put on Salsa classes on Friday evenings, and related meals will be available at Landhaus Freemann“, states Kaltenbach. In addition, kiwifalter expects to host larger events such as family, company and New Year's Eve parties in future.

Everyone does what they do best

The two founders don't deliver classes themselves; they work entirely on organisation. Many course leaders regard that as a real positive: it frees them from all those time-consuming jobs like advertising, booking, payments or room planning. Consequently, they have much more scope to plan their content. “They can focus fully on their core skills and do what they are passionate about. And that's exactly what we want“, Maus affirms. For some classes, there are collaborations with established providers such as HABA Digitalwerkstatt, English Theatre Düsseldorf and the Bärenstark team. “We think in terms of networks, not competition!“

kiwifalter is located in northern Düsseldorf at Kalkumer Schloßallee 100, 40489 Düsseldorf. Further information is available via the website or the app.