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From lecture hall to race track


Haniel supports the E-Team from the University of Duisburg-Essen, which builds racing cars with electric drives. Find out what it is all about in this video interview.

The E-Team Duisburg-Essen comprises students from various departments. Together, they develop racing cars with electric drives. The aim is to compete against other universities at global competitions and, at the same time, gain practical experience – alongside theoretical studies. One example is the Formula Student Electric (FSE), an international competition, where a single-seater Formula racing car with an electric drive is developed, manufactured and driven in a company-like situation. It is not only the construction that is assessed, but also the budgets and business plans of the individual teams. The driving characteristics in various disciplines are also tested on the race track. The latest racing car from the E-Team is the A40-03. Like its predecessor, it owes its name to the A40 motorway, which connects the Duisburg campus with the Essen campus.

This year, Haniel is supporting the E-Team as its sponsor. At the sponsorship day on 30 April, we were able to take a look around the workshop in Ruhrort and ask Adrian Kornblum, Association Board member and Finance and HR officer, some questions about the project. See for yourself!