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ROVEMA impresses in Italy


The packaging machine manufacturer is the sole supplier at La Molisana. A case study shows where the strengths of our division lie.

Anyone standing in front of the pasta shelf at the supermarket will see a large selection of products from different manufacturers. According to industry experts, the aspect that contributes enormously to which product the customer ultimately chooses is the packaging. What is the key to success when it comes to pasta? In the packREPORT journal, ROVEMA reports on the many years of close collaboration with the Italian pasta producer La Molisana. With the case study, ROVEMA would like to introduce itself to other producers.

Origin as a distinguishing factor
La Molisana based in Campobasso in the heart of Italy has stood for premium pasta products for more than 100 years. In the last eight years alone, the company has changed the image and design of its brand five times. For example, especially in Italy, the producer was faced with the challenge that pasta products made from Canadian wheat were being avoided due to glyphosate allegations. As a result, the demand for Italian wheat was increasing. La Molisana switched to “Grano Italiano”, both within and on its packaging, and achieved a much more positive result with growth of 13% in three months. Such changes demand constant flexibility when it comes to design and are one of the reasons why La Molisana relies on ROVEMA systems. “We offer a wide variety of bag design options and the option of modifying the packaging material. It is precisely this flexibility that enables a sound investment,” says Nadja Richter, responsible for marketing and communications at ROVEMA. Dr Flavio Ferro, Chief Operations Officer at La Molisana, expects that his company will soon have to respond again to new customer needs: “The market will demand paper packaging in the near future – owing to social pressure concerning plastic.” 

Reliable in all situations
ROVEMA also scores highly in terms of product-friendly packaging, according to La Molisana. As a premium manufacturer, the company places great value on ensuring that ideally no pasta gets broken during the packaging process as it should also be pleasing to the eye. “Sometimes, we make an entirely conscious decision to opt for a solution that is focused more on reliability than on speed,” Ferro emphasises. This is because production at La Molisana is around the clock – all year round. In this respect, too, the company has had the best experience with ROVEMA in recent years. With the specialist from Fernwald as the sole supplier of packaging machines, La Molisana benefits from readily available spare parts and short communication channels. Ferro also sees technical expertise and passing this on to staff as another core competence: “Only well-trained machine operators can draw on the full potential of a system. This means that mistakes are avoided that can be very costly for our company. The level of customer service from ROVEMA is very high today and the collaboration is running very smoothly.”

As Managing Director of ROVEMA Italia, Miguel Tortola is in charge of La Molisana. He comes from the region himself and has known the Ferro family for many years, which is why the cooperation is particularly close to his heart: “Of course, we discuss machine quality and efficiency, but the trust between our two companies is just as important. We feel a genuine bond here! Today, La Molisana is an important reference for our plants – even for other pasta manufacturers in the Italian market.”

You can read the full case study here.