Haniel Museum

From trader of groceries to investment holding company

The place where the history of the Haniel Group began 260 years ago is now home to the Haniel Museum: the historical old packing house. Over three floors, visitors experience how the family-owned company developed into an international group. They can view original documents, historical furniture and lovingly restored living and working areas.

“Maybe the success of Messieurs Haniel can be attributed to the fact that they relied on their skills and industriousness rather than seeking the protection and capital of kings and governments.”

Thomas C Banfield, British economist, circa 1848

Economic history of the region

In the Haniel Museum it is clear to see that the history of the Group is closely linked with the economic history of the Ruhr region. The exhibition documents how the region became one of Germany’s key industrial locations and how Haniel drove forward the industrialisation of the Duisburg area.