Exciting internships

Haniel establishes a dialogue with young academics as early as possible – preferably already during their studies. This is because the sooner we come into contact, the better our mutual expectations can be reconciled. Therefore, the Holding Company and the divisions are happy to take on talented students as interns. Here, you will learn everything that comes up in practice – at first hand from people who will speak and work with you constructively. As a fair Company, we therefore offer real opportunities to start your career. After your internship, we will give you the opportunity to be taken on as a student employee in a number of areas.

Comprehensive support

As an intern at Haniel, you don’t just look over the shoulders of our employees, but take an active part in projects. You gain experience away from the office as well. We offer you the chance to swap ideas with other interns, students and trainees – at weekly get-togethers, for example.

Ann-Kathrin Teesch

“As I was born in Duisburg, I was, of course, familiar with Haniel. I was eventually given the opportunity to gain insight into the company at first hand as an intern in human resources as well. I learnt a great deal within this period. Since I was completing a degree while working, I was also able to continue my internship while writing my BA dissertation. My responsibilities included support for the application management system and other interns and trainees as well as on- and offboarding. In addition to research and participating in projects, I also represented the company at a job fair. Plus, all interns and trainees met up for lunch every Wednesday. These regular meetings allowed us to gain insight into other departments and talk with one another.

All in all, I would happily recommend this internship at Haniel. I learnt a lot and gained an understanding of human resources in a fantastic team atmosphere.”

Tobias Schillings

“The exciting fields of activity in particular distinguished my time at Haniel from other internships I had previously done. Whether this involves the assessment of the existing portfolio company, screening potential takeover objectives or analysing a new market environment, you are always right in the middle of things as an intern at Haniel. You quickly feel welcome in the world of Haniel, also thanks to the excellent support in place. Overall, I was given the opportunity to gain experience during my internship, which I will continue to benefit from for a long time – both on a specialised and personal level.”

Alexandra Hildebrand

I wanted to save the rainforest. An office job is not for me – that's what I always thought. I could not imagine telling my grandchildren at the age of 80 that I had spent my whole life stagnating at a desk and tapping at a keyboard. "Why" they would ask in disbelief. "For money" would have been the only honest answer. And the trees would be dead anyway.
But it's not possible to live without it either. So I decided a year and a half ago to at least do an internship in an office. And lo and behold: after a short while, I genuinely felt like doing my best for this company. Haniel takes responsibility for its employees and its environment – to an extent that is not a matter of course. And I am not "stagnating" in my office either: I am now a student trainee in the Communications department and at the interface with all departments. I am getting to know plenty of interesting people, writing texts for the intranet and the website, attending events in advance for this, for example held by the divisions, conducting interviews with employees and documenting events on site. I am also working on the staff magazine, and assisting with the organisation of events and the preparation of publications, for example "enkelfähig". Speaking of grandchildren: I'd also recommend that they do an internship here. I campaign for the rainforest in my spare time."