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University graduates have unlimited development opportunities at Haniel. The Group opens up prospects both at home and abroad at the Holding Company and divisions in various subject areas and departments. You can join directly by applying for an open position on the job portal. There is a huge interest in starting a career at Haniel. Employees have rated Haniel as a top company on In addition to working at the Holding Company, CWS-boco, ELG, TAKKT and METRO GROUP also offer their own entry-level programmes and traineeships for graduates. Speak to their contacts!

Janina Groffmann

Expert in Corporate Communications since September 2013:

“Haniel is a traditional and modern family-owned company at the same time. It has kept on reinventing itself over the years. Compared to a lot of other companies, Haniel is breaking new ground in its communications and showing creativity and courage, like with its magazine Enkelfähig. During my time here I will work my way through all areas of Corporate Communications in two years, getting excellent training in this field.”

Nico Kirwald

Audit expert in the Corporate Audit Department since September 2012:

“During my internship, I came to know Haniel as a very broadly positioned company with a great deal of diversity in different divisions and regions. As an audit expert in Corporate Audit, I am now in charge of the Operations and Management and Controlling Systems areas and have exciting work and challenges every day as part of our audit and consulting projects.”