What we offer

Equal opportunity

Diversity is a success factor for Haniel. This applies to the portfolio and employees alike. People of different nationalities, religions or ethnic backgrounds enrich the company. Everyone has the same opportunities to contribute their individual strengths and develop their potential. Gender is no different -around 60 per cent of Group employees are women. Entry-level and career opportunities solely depend on qualifications – this applies to people with disabilities and everybody else.

Work abroad at our subsidiaries

As a global trading and services group, we are where our customers are – in around 40 countries. 80 per cent of employees work outside Germany. Depending on the business segment and field of activity, Haniel employees frequently work in international teams in direct contact with foreign companies or in projects abroad. As a result, we promote intercultural skills within the company. You can find concrete prospects that Haniel has to offer worldwide on the career pages of the subsidiaries.

Remuneration and benefits

At Haniel, you receive market-conform and performance-oriented remuneration. This is ensured by modern remuneration models and participation schemes that are adjusted to the relevant local customers of our international sites. Those who bear a lot of responsibility and meet high expectations receive above-average remuneration. Haniel involves employees who think in the long term and adopt entrepreneurial practises as defined in the Haniel Group in the company’s success.

All employees make a significant contribution to the Group’s future. Haniel also wants to do the same in return. Therefore, the Group supports employees in Germany with a self-provision programme, for example. It gives them the opportunity to convert part of their salary into their pension and supports this with an allowance.

Work and life

To achieve a good work-life balance, the Group allows its employees to flexibly organise their working hours. Solutions are different, depending on the personal and operational situation at hand. Some employees work part-time or with flexible working hours. Others work at home. For instance, those who study and work at the same can adjust their working hours to the semester’s schedule and have special leave.

Haniel supports parents in finding the right childcare assistant or facilities for their children. In addition, there are company kindergartens at a number of sites. Furthermore, the Group works with pme Familienservice in Germany. The agency also provides assistance when relatives are ill or need care. It also offers coaching services in many difficult life situations. Employees who are in financial distress through no fault of their own are assisted by the Group with the support fund.

The health of employees is highly important for Haniel. Therefore, the Group regularly invites them to take part in free medical check-ups and vaccinations. Furthermore, Haniel provides ways to balance working life in the form of fitness services and company sports associations.