Fascination Haniel

The courage to change

From a grocer based in Duisburg to a German industrial company to a global Group – Haniel has changed dramatically in over 260 years. Today, Haniel manages a diversified portfolio. The six divisions are all among the very best on their markets. However, resting on one’s laurels does not come into question at Haniel. On the contrary, the Group is constantly on the move to further increase its value. For this reason, the Group is looking for people who have the courage to break new ground.

“New ideas and personal initiative require space. They require an innovation culture that pays more than just lip service and is experienced throughout the company.”

Freedom for talent

Value-oriented practises require entrepreneurial thinking. Those who bring along this strength have versatile career opportunities at Haniel – both in the Holding Company and in the divisions. There is a very wide range of business segments and fields of activities in addition to the prospect of working internationally. At Haniel, employees obtain the freedom they need to develop on a specialised and personal level and they are actively supported in the process.

A constructive climate

At Haniel, innovative, determined and dedicated people can climb right to the top of the career ladder. This is because the Group preferably fills management positions with people from its own ranks. The following steps are planned in a regular dialogue with your supervisor – in synch with your skills and interests. The competence model shows the demands that we have placed on you and the way in which you can meet them. This is because Haniel cherishes open, fair and trustful dealings with its employees. We see this as the basis for long-term success.