Talent Management

An in-house treasure room

Those who are already there have a home advantage. This is because Haniel preferably fills management positions with people from its own ranks. Identifying promising junior managers in the Group is therefore our declared aim. Whether you’re an intern, young professional or experienced career changer – if you bring along entrepreneurial talent, you will obtain the freedom and support you need in return to fully unravel your potential.

Bringing the company to you

The demands we place on all those who want to move forward are clearly worded in the competence model. The more necessary skills you bring along and develop, the more open Haniel’s doors will be. We have created the requirements in order to be recognised as someone with potential within the Group: the employee dialogue. Once a year, your supervisor assesses your performance. Together, you discuss prospects and agree on goals and development measures. The results of this discussion also help us make a decision when naming candidates for the programme of the Haniel Leadership Curriculum.