Haniel Leadership Curriculum

Haniel Leadership Curriculum

At Haniel, identifying potential managers from the company’s own ranks and further developing them is a declared aim. The ideal situation involves the right manager at the right place at the right time. The Haniel Leadership Curriculum starts from where managers are and prepares them for the next rung on the career ladder with English-speaking programmes across the Group.

EXPLORE! Emerging Leaders Programme

In the EXPLORE! Emerging Leaders Programme, up-and-coming talents prepare for their first management duties in the Group. A development centre starts off the EXPLORE! programme, which serves to reveal potential and development areas for young professionals, from which they derive focused learning objectives for the rest of the programme. In application-oriented training, participants acquire management tools and develop their understanding of various management areas and divisions. They are also in charge of projects alongside the programme. Moreover, they establish a Group-wide network and exchange views on the divisions.

EXPAND! Advanced Leaders Programme

In the EXPAND! Advanced Leaders Programme, middle-level managers develop the skills they need to effectively manage in a complex and dynamic environment. To do this, they learn new management models and apply these to teamwork; for example, when implementing strategic issues. A key element of this program is the exchange of experience – as well as nurturing and developing Group-wide contacts.

EXCEL! Senior Leaders Programme

A strategic main topic, which Haniel’s CEO predetermines, underlies the top programme of the Haniel Leadership Curriculum. Participants develop solution approaches for major challenges together, which the Group and the individual divisions face in a changing environment. At the same time, the programme offers a platform to reflect on one’s own management style and find new ways to develop its effectiveness. Participants expand their network and engage in a dialogue with the Haniel Management Board.