Competency model

A tool for everyone

Haniel places great importance on entrepreneurial thinking and practises among employees. But what are the skills hidden behind all this? The seven Haniel competency areas answer this question. They are considered as assessment criteria and trendsetting elements across the Group.

Identifying potential

Based on the Haniel competency areas, all employees can find precise information about the demands that are placed on them. They can also check the ways in which they can meet these expectations. In this way, the competence model provides support in self-assessment. This also serves as a criterion in applications and feedback discussions for those responsible within the Group. As a result, potential is easier to identify and foster.

Managing careers

Employees who want to qualify for further tasks, establish the skills they need to develop with their supervisor. They agree on concrete measures – such as management training at the Haniel Academy. Its programme is also oriented towards the eight Haniel competency areas. For example, the model is also used in career and succession planning. It is a key tool in HR work across the Group.