Internal Audit

Our mission

On the basis of a risk-oriented audit plan, we independently implement audits in the Holding Company and in the Haniel divisions. The aim of the audits is to maintain and improve the propriety, effectiveness and profitability of the internal risk management and controlling and management systems as well as the key processes, organisations and systems.

We consider ourselves an instrument of the Management Board and the Audit Committee of the Holding Company for the implementation of their corporate governance obligations for the Haniel Group. With our audit activity we create transparency, identify risks and potential for improvement and draw up solution proposals, thus contributing to the success of the Haniel Group.

Audit work

Our audit activity focuses on the following areas of expertise: management and controlling systems, operations as well as IT systems and processes.

The audits in the field of "management and controlling systems" focus on the implementation of corporate governance requirements and key organisational changes. In this regard, the review of the management and controlling systems is of primary concern. Along with audit activities, conceptual projects and tasks in the listed items of focus are implemented in this area of expertise.

The field of "operations“ within the FHC audit implements the majority of audits along the supply chain and in support functions (such as Treasury) in the Haniel Group.

The increasing use of information technology (IT) in core and supporting processes results in new risks and challenges for the Haniel Group.

The field of "IT systems and processes“ implements audits with the aim of attaining transparency in relation to the Group-wide IT situation as well as counteracting inherent risks.

We work continually on the further development of our audit principles, processes and tools and accompany the audit departments of the divisions in this activity. We also promote in-house knowledge exchanges with the audit departments of the divisions. Through ongoing training as well as through participation in audit-related working groups and specialist events we ensure that our employees are appropriately qualified.

Employee profile

Our employees have all completed a university degree in an economics-related or technical discipline in which they achieved above-average results. They bring with them practical and project-based experience, gained at a reputable audit and consulting firm or an international group, for example. In addition, they possess outstanding analytical skills, which are put to use in process mapping, for example, and conceptual skills, which are necessary to further develop our tools and methods. Our employees speak fluent business English and are distinguished by their confident approach, their ability to handle conflict and their resilience. They adopt an independent and results-oriented approach to work.

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