Human Resources

It’s all about people

The Corporate Human Resources Department of the Group Holding Company Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH combines strategic HR management with operating business. We work closely with the Human Resources Departments of the divisions. The aim is to work together to recognise the interests and skills of our employees and to promote their development.


  1. Strategic planning
    In its capacity as a business partner, the Corporate Human Resources Department helps the Haniel Group and the divisions to achieve their strategic goals. We work together to derive HR strategies from the relevant business plans, plan their implementation and agree on key performance indicators.
  2. Management Development
    The central task of Management Development is to evaluate the performance of our employees and develop their skills. Talent Management and succession planning play a key role here. We provide targeted support for management staff and management trainees within the Haniel Academy. Thanks to Management training and the Haniel Leadership Curriculum we provide first-class programmes.
  3. Staffing & Resourcing
    Against the backdrop of demographic change, it is essential that trainees perceive the Group and the divisions as attractive employers. We therefore concern ourselves with developing the Haniel employer brand.
  4. Compensation & Benefits
    We create modern remuneration models and participation schemes. These are performance-related and are tailored to the relevant local customs of our international sites.
  5. HR Systems & Datamanagement
    We claim to manage HR management requirements as effectively as possible, both now and in the future. We therefore improve the IT applications that we use in Human Resources on an ongoing basis. >Corporate Employee Responsibility
    The Haniel Group is highly conscious of its responsibility towards employees. Corporate Employee Responsibility covers all initiatives that are designed to alleviate social distress, safeguard the health and promote the development of our employees.
  6. Industrial Relations
    We are proactive in building constructive relationships based on trust between employers and employees. In our capacity as a contact for the central employee associations and representative bodies, we ensure an intensive exchange of information.

Employee profile

Our employees have all completed a university degree in an HR-related discipline, for example, a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources or a degree in Psychology with a focus on occupational and organisational psychology. They have gained practical experience in Human Resources either during or after their studies. In addition, they have outstanding analytical and conceptual skills. They are enthusiastic about taking on new tasks and use solution-oriented thinking and tackle complex issues in a strategic manner in order to achieve success. Our employees are open-minded and articulate. They adopt a confident approach. They work on their own initiative and adopt a forward-thinking approach.

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